Demo submission is now over, but is still available for a reference here.

Accepted Demos:

Affective Sports Game Based on Robust Real-Time Speech Emotion Recognition

        • Gerhard Hagerer (audEERING GmbH)
        • Florian Eyben (audEERING GmbH)
        • Hesam Sagha (audEERING)
        • Dagmar Schuller (audEERING GmbH)
        • Bjoern Schuller (audEERING)

Exploring universal expression of emotion with vibrotactile patterns composed using dynamic features
        • Valtteri Wikström (University of Helsinki)
        • Tommi Makkonen (University of Helsinki)
        • Katri Saarikivi (University of Helsinki)

EmoTxt: A Toolkit for Emotion Recognition from Text
        • Fabio Calefato (University of Bari Aldo Moro)
        • Filippo Lanubile (University of Bari Aldo Moro)
        • Nicole Novielli (University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy)

Self-Explanation of Cognitive Agent Behaviour by Citing Goals and Emotions
        • Frank Kaptein (TU Delft)
        • Joost Broekens (TU Delft)
        • Koen Hindriks (TU Delft)
        • Mark Neerincx (TU Delft)

ThermSense: Smartphone-based Breathing Sensing Platform using Noncontact Low-Cost Thermal Camera
        • Youngjun Cho (University College London)
        • Nadia Berthouze (University College London)
        • Simon Julier (UCL)
        • Nicolai Marquardt (University College London)

Deep Breaths: An Internally- and Externally-Paced Deep Breathing Guide
        • Adam Hair (Texas A&M University)
        • Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna (Texas A&M University)

WalkNet: A Neural-Network-Based Interactive Walking Controllers
        • Omid Alemi (Simon Fraser University)
        • Philippe Pasquier (Simon Fraser University)